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Behind the Music of Theo Bimson

Driven by an intense curiosity for all things musical, I am fascinated by the unending possibilities for creativity and experimentation it presents. My compositions often reflect this with the interesting sounds, melodies, and harmonies I strive to create. I am proud of all the work I produce but am very able to alter and edit my work to fit the desires of the director and their vision in order to create high-quality work within a deadline. I take feedback well and thrive when creating sound and music collaboratively. I am equally able to create soft, introspective pieces of music as I am creating large, sweeping orchestral scores.



• Excellent communicator, enthusiastic worker, and compelling public speaker with strong interpersonal skills.
• Confident leader and team member.
• Approachable.
• Confidence-inspiring.
• Actor, improviser, composer, sound technician, highly qualified musician, writer, director, and stage manager.
• Trained with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Audacity, Sibelius, and Da Vinci Resolve.
• Able to confidently play: Piano, Trumpet, Violin, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Trombone, Saxophone, Percussion, Autoharp, and Ukulele.

Previous Work: 

December 2022 - Present

Associate Composer - All3Media International
I have scored several Television trailers for the independent media distribution company, All3Media International including the award-winning BBC show, The Traitors.


March 2023 - May 2023

Rehearsal Pianist for Gilbert & Sullivan's The Yeoman of the Guard - Morpheus Theatre

As the rehearsal pianist, I learned over 25 songs for the operetta and came to every rehearsal confident and prepared, able to play the songs for the rehearsal to a high standard.

February 2021 – August 2021

Associate Composer - Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts
I have written and produced music required for a number of short films from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts including Wake, directed by Anne Musisi, Trapstar directed by Beru Tessema, and Venus Flytrap also directed by Beru Tessema.


September 2020 – September 2022
Music Tutor - The Winston Churchill School, Woking
I taught instrumental lessons, assisted in music lessons for years 7-11, tutored Music GCSE students, ran ensembles, and generally helped around the music department. I also wrote and arranged original music for my pupils and ensembles.


August & December 2019
Assistant Sound Technician for Present Laughter A Very Expensive Poison - The Old Vic Theatre
Worked with the sound crew as work experience to set up all the sound equipment needed for these two productions.

Selected Credits: 

The Traitors International Trailer (All3Media, April 2023)

Trailer: Composer

City of Splendors by Theo Bimson (Commissioned album by Daniel Loftus, April 2023)

Album: Composer

To Resist the Rime by Theo Bimson (Commissioned album by Yannis Grigorakis, March 2023)

Album: Composer

Fantasy Moods Vol. 1 by Theo Bimson (January 2023)

Album: Composer


Mayflies International Trailer (All3Media, December 2022)

Trailer: Composer

Nyctophilia by Isaac Seward, directed by Olivia Clarke (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2022)

Theatre: Composer and Actor

Longshanks and Armstrong: Jailbreak (GMTK 2021 Game Jam)

Video Game: Composer and Sound Design

Tether’d Fate (GMTK 2021 Game Jam)

Video Game: Composer and Sound Design

Wake by George Morgan, directed by Anne Musisi (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Mar 2021)

Film: Composer

Venus Flytrap by Dexter Flanders, directed by Beru Tessema (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Feb 2021)

Film: Composer

Master of None written and directed by Almir Datoo (Luma Film Festival, October 2020)

Film: Composer

Midsummer (a play with songs) by David Greig, directed by Tanika Meachan (University of York, May 2020)
– Theatre: Composer and Music Director

Robbing Chloe written and directed by Thomas Schubert (University of York, Feb 2020)

Film: Composer

You Can’t Stay in Summer written and directed by Charlotte Holder (University of York, Jan 2020)

Theatre: Composer & Sound Design

Confessions of a Princess by Aisling Lally, directed by Dean Murphy (University of York, Nov 2019)

Theatre: Music & Sound Design

Spaced Out and Ready to Die written and directed by Theo Bimson (University of York, Oct 2019)

Theatre: Music & Sound Design

Blackout by Davey Anderson, directed by William Griffiths (University of York, Oct 2019)

Theatre: Music & Sound Design

The Egg Born Princess by Jonny Williams, directed by Gemma Mayes (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Aug 2017)
Theatre: Composer and Music Director

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